About me

I am a first year student in the Medical Biology major at the University of New England, in Biddeford, on the pre-medical track. I am interested in the medical field, specifically becoming a doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and eventually specializing. I have over 6 years to decide what specialties or fields of medicine I would like to dedicate my career to, but at the moment I am most interested in dermatology and gynecology. I’m from Cicero, New York, which is about 15 minutes outside of Syracuse. I enjoy learning about anything and think that it is essential for my goals. English isn’t a topic that comes easily to me but I enjoy the satisfaction of the end product from assignments. I think it’s important to take English courses and become experienced in it though. This is because all professions include writing and reading. In the medical field specifically, research is important to accomplish in order to be a competitive applicant for medical schools. Therefore, I need to become familiar with basic writing and reading concepts. Additionally, I am required to read many textbooks throughout my many years of education. Through the use of English courses, I can learn to read more effectively and critically.