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Benjamin Zander’s Ted talk “The transformative power of classical music” was about the effect classical music has on everyone. He is well aware that not many people, about 3% to be exact, listen to classical music in their free time for enjoyment, but proved that the number could be much higher if individuals used their personal experiences to connect with the music. He also explained his idea of a leader and his role as a powerful individual who may influence the perspectives of many others. He did this by sharing with the audience personal experiences of others and their thoughts on classical music after listening to his talk.

In Rhys Southan’s essay, “Is Art a Waste of Time?”, he argued against the movement involving effective altruists and their views on art. He portrayed the EAs using their ideas of replicability and how this related to his life and his art. He tried to prove that art has a role I our society, even though it is not the most effective way to do good for others. He also expressed his internal conflict of selfishness and pleasure towards art.

I think  both writers have a point. Some things that really strike me as important connections between these two texts were the relationship art has with society, personal experiences, and impacts throughout the world. I think the main connection I would like to make in my essay is the perspective that art is not enough to change the world vs the perspective that act can effect people on a huge scale and can make individuals feel immensely. Additionally, I’d like to address the role of a leader in society. Zander made a really good argument about the difference a leader can make, and I’d like to relate that to the EA perspective and/or Southan’s perspective.


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