Blog 15

My goals for peer eview on others’ essays is to give advice on places they can add more information, places they can elaborate and organization of their overall essay all in order to articulate their thesis better. The goals I have for my own esssay are to make my thesis like a guideline for my entire essay and to prove why my thesis is “correct” throughout my essay. I can do this by staying on task throughout my essay and providing readers with ample evidence to support my thesis. Peer review is a voila part. Of my strategy because it gives an outside view on my ideas and structure of my essay. This is because an outside reader is making adjustments to my work and informing me where I need more elaboration or information to better explain my thesis. Another step I will take is to re-read my essay outloud multiple times. I think this gives me a feel for how a reader will see my essay and points out parts where I need more information or organization. The biggest challenge I have is seeing my essay in the eyes of a reader. I think the strategies I have mentioned make that a lot easier for me, but if I am faced with this challenge more than I can handle, I will reach out to professor Emerson to read my essay because I feel like her insight is important for an essay because she is more educated on the topic than me or my peers.

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