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My favorite revision strategies are reading out loud, peer editing, looking for organization changes, and comparing my essay to the sources used to write it. I think these are good strategies because they really emphasize finding things to change that you would necessarily change if only your eyes are on your paper. For example, peer editing and reading a paper out loud helps me see problems in my essay that I didn’t notice before. Comparing my essay to sources makes me better understand the material I’m writing about and how I can improve my essay by including new or different quotes and paraphrases. This is important because we are working to write good essays using the sources of other essays. This is important because it shows me a different perspective and gives me insight on how to better my argument or claim. Organizational changes make a difference in the revision process because making small changes to the order of events people read really can make you think a different way about the thesis or argument. I think its a powerful change everyone should consider for any essay they write. I have found the peer editing process helpful in other topics besides English 110 because I have to write many other papers and write-ups for other classes and this class helped me realize that another set of eyes on your writing can do no harm.

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