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In my essay for prompt 3, I plan to use visual, audio and spacial modes of composition. I plan on writing my essay about why merely life is beautiful and sacred. I think this is a different approach to the assignment but I really think I’ll enjoy thinking deeply and emotionally about it. I am going to include quotes from “what is art for”, “La Bella Vita”, and Alexis Duguzman’s lets talk about art project. I will cite these in MLA format. “What is Art For?” is a video on an online website, “La Bella Vita” is an article and Im not exactly sure how to cite the project yet but I’m sure theres a way.

Im going to write about what beauty is and what life is in the beginning of my essay. Then Ill explain why I feel they are interconnected and the reasons we need beauty in life. I will explain the various aspects of life before going into how the sense drive and form drive of beauty relate to life as well. Then to conclude I will write about why I feel this is an important concept to consider and why I chose to write about it. I am going to include a video including a time lapse in the introduction that shows the mind blowing concept of life. I will include the adorable picture of the dog below to show the bright sides of life. I will use spacial communication to show how sense drive and form drive vary so much.


“What is Art For?” by The School of Life

“La Bella Vita” by John Armstrong

Alexis Duguzman’s “Let’s Talk about Art” project


Video from youtube


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