blog 12

I really enjoyed listening to Alexis’ presentation of “Lets talk about art”. I think it was extremely comparable to Nikki and my project as well because she talks about how one song specifically means so much to so many people. Her project was about her late sister and how a song by Aerosmith meant so much to her and her family. I have a similar experience because the song Nikki and I played is the song I taught my grandmother how to play on the piano and my sister and I played as my other sister walked down the aisle. I think this is powerful and meaningful in both contexts. Also I really respected how she opened up about her feelings and emotions to further prove her argument and meaning.

I also really enjoyed Taylor’s presentation about how tattoos are a form of art as well. I really liked this because it was personal and quite relatable. Most college students either contemplate getting a tattoo or already have one and I think Taylor’s presentation about the meaning and power of a tattoo was really influential to everyone. I think this is important because the tattoo artists are artists too and the canvas is a human.

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