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Immediate context- essay by Yo-Yo Ma. Originally published on WorldPost in 2014. The author’s bio is extremely impressive, including past education, achievements and background fora motive to write this essay.

Imposed Context- My purpose for reading this text is to get a better understanding of arts’ role in the world and to relate it to other ideas discussed in English 110.

Internal Context- The rhetorical situation is the discussion of if arts is beneficial to our education and the use of our knowledge to improve society and culture. This is important because according to the author, we are somewhat at a stand still with many improvement and he believes that if we included more art and taught empathy in our school systems, we could find a well-balanced curriculum where we would benefit and improve the most.

Glossing- I am unsure about the cultures that he discusses in his essay and with a more familiar topic or by expanding my views it would be easier to connect to that part of the essay. Also, I was unsure of the term bandwidth, which means “the range of frequencies within a given band, in particular that used for transmitting a signal” which can be related to what he is saying because he is implying that humans can only survive under certain conditions and this range is very small.

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