lets talk about art

Carla Champagne and Nikki Gosselin

Let’s Talk About Art


Piano music is art because it is a form of expression and creativity that people can use. Personally, starting this project I thought of playing piano as a stress reliever and that it was just beautiful. My general feelings about playing piano include connectivity, relaxation, accomplishing, and it makes me feel warm. As Adrielle Pomeranz said “I feel calm. I feel relaxed. I feel like if I’m doing homework and I’m listening to it I’m probably doing better. I feel like my grandpa because he always listens to classical music” (Adrielle Pomeranz, personal interview, March 6, 2018).  I can relate to what she was saying because throughout all my time spent with my grandma, I taught her how to play piano. She wanted to learn how to play the song “River Flows in You” by Yiruma, which is the song my sister and I performed as a duet at my other sisters’ wedding. This just shows how much playing piano and other instruments can bring people together and connect each other. Adrielle also said “My grammy has a piano in her house and all the grandchildren learned how to play hot cross buns” (Adrielle Pomeranz, personal interview, March 6, 2018). I think this proves further that music played on the piano connects people who you cannot usually connect directly with. It’s relevant to my life because it a way to escape real life through music and relieve stress. I believe it is relevant to the world because it makes people feel happy and calm. At the end of this project, I realized that playing piano means more to me than just a stress reliever, but more of a connection between friends and family.


River flows in you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kG9KSWYg-Jc


I believe that piano and its beautiful music is certainly art in many ways. It provides creativity within finding yourself and creating music. Being a pianist, I have had first-hand experience of ways that this form of art has touched me. I feel like playing the piano gives me peace and relaxation, which allows for a getaway from the world. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I begin to play a calming piece and it makes me feel as if all my worries have vanished. Adrielle states, “Sometimes if I am struggling with homework and concentration, I’ll play classical music to focus better” (Adrielle Pomeranz, personal interview, March 6, 2018). This displays that the music that comes from the piano provides concentration and tranquility, which can be extremely beneficial to those who listen to it. For many years, I played the piano at an elderly home near me. It was very rewarding to see all of the elders getting excited while they were listening and enjoying the music. This form of art provided entertainment to these individuals and demonstrates how the beauty of piano music impacts others. Another way that piano music is art is that it brings emotions and feelings to life in a special way. The piano gives artists a tool to express themselves creatively and emotionally. Composers, those who create music, may evoke emotions throughout their pieces. This is a way for them to express their inner feelings and to tell a story using music, not words. I believe that this is truly beautiful. My final realization about the piano is that it is beneficial to not only the artist, but to those who enjoy listening to it as well.



Pomeranz, Adrielle. Personal Interview. 6 March 2018.

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