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My goals for revision are to find ways to improve others’ papers. In order to do this, I have found that there are many ways to achieve this in different manners. By using global and local revision strategies, its easy to make changes to others’ papers. What I find very useful is use my own writing skills to pinpoint where others’ could improve or add. In order to revise others’ papers, I think the most important thing is to completely read and understand the authors thesis, meaning and main points. This may take many times of reading a paper to understand these few aspects, however is necessary in order to begin global revisions. Next, I find that looking at the paragraph structure is important. To know where paragraphs will fit best as well as the connections between paragraphs, is important and is a huge global revision that can make differences to the text. Next I usually look for trends of incorrect grammar and spelling and word choice. These are local revisions but it can improve the writing a lot when changing the use of small words or broad words. My biggest challenge is to ignore local changes wile focusing on global changes, but I find that overcoming this is important in order to think about the overall passage. If a challenge is too difficult for me to handle alone, I find that asking peers for help makes a difference because when putting minds together, you can learn new perspectives and techniques. While revision my own essay, I have found that writing an outline after I have written my essay can really help articulate what the main goal of each paragraph was and how to achieve that. My biggest challenge in revising my work is refusing to make changes to a piece I spent a long time on. I have found that making small local changes is just an easy way to avoid making large changes to my essays. However, global changes influence the overall meaning and flow of a passage, therefore are more important.

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