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I view beauty as something breathtaking, unexplainable, eye-opening, or pleasing. To me, it’s something that makes you think for a moment, maybe yearn to see more or give you a sense of hope and passion. Beauty makes you feel a certain way and think a certain way. I love Armstrongs’ ideas of sense and form drive. Its highly relatable to me. How I see it is, sense drive is more impulsive, whereas form drive is planning and thinking about outcomes, consequences, rewards, etc. I appreciated when he said that they co-operate. I think of it as one shoulder is telling you to be spontaneous while the other is telling you to think ahead. I feel like this relates to beauty in a variety of ways. I don’t think society as a whole can view beauty in the same way. As Armstrong said “People are delighted by wildly variant things”. I think society as a whole can push ideals of beauty onto individuals but not change how they perceive beauty. For example, a beautiful women looks different in everyone’s minds, but society can make certain feature appear to be more liked than others. I think this is a common example, but its relatable to this topic.

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